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How to participate in the Private Sale


Activate Your Personal Profile

You need valid personal information in order to take part in the IDO.


Stake Your $SUIP in the SuiPad Staking

The maximum amount of USDC/SUI/SUIP that you commit is equal to the number of your veSUI tokens. Increasing the amount of SUIP you stake and extending the lock period will result in a higher number of veSUIP tokens.



You need USDC/SUI/SUIP in your wallet to participate in the IDO.Buy $USDC on SUI Network


Claim Unspent USDC/SUI/SUIP

Any unspent USDC/SUI/SUIP tokens will be returned to your wallet after youclick the "Claim" button at this step.


Claim Your IDO Tokens

After the IDO sale is completed, you can claim any IDO tokens you have purchased.