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Sugar Kingdom Odyssey ($SKO) Private Sale

Sugar Kingdom Odyssey ($SKO) Private Sale

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Sugar Kingdom Odyssey is a web3 gaming platform designed to provide utility to every BRC-20 token and altcoins, enabling high-quality projects to integrate their tokens within an engaging gaming environment.

Basic Metrics

Ticker: SKO Blockchain Network: BSC Token Supply: 100,000,000 Project Valuation: 6,000,000 USD FDMC Initial Market Cap: 400k IMC Platform Raise: 100,000 USDT Vesting: 16% at TGE, 0 months cliff, then daily vesting for 4 months


Project Overview:

Unlike traditional play-to-earn models, SKO introduces a sustainable, circular economy. Fees collected from all tournament pools are then distributed to $SKO token holders through weekly airdrops.

sko 1.png Project revenue streams

It’s important to understand that the way the platform is profitable is through our revshare mechanic: We take 20% of the total value deposited on prize pools via and redistribute it to our stakers through the $SKO token.

As a secondary form of revenue, we are going to sustain our team operations by charging other projects to onboard their token onto our platform. How? When? Before starting to charge, there will be a period of time where we consolidate ourselves as the gold-standard marketing tool in Web3 and a no-brainer for any project that wants to launch. sko 2.png

Project marketing strategy

We have 2 main sources of user acquisition:

Partners that we onboard to our platform: Each one of the partners that we onboard within our ecosystem via accepting their token as a method to buy tickets within the tournaments, are a new source of users that will come and participate in our project. KOL marketing: With our experience within the industry, we understand that having the correct KOLs onboard to push our launch and to increase our brand awareness via airdrops, community events and a clear CTA, it’s fundamental.

image (1).webp What technologies created and used?

Even if we are not developing a brand new technology for the market, our main differentiator is the use of a combination of a mix of them. We use layer 0 to accept any coin from different ecosystems (amplifying our product’s reach), also we use a bridge (from EVM to BRC20 and vice versa) to have presence for BRC20 tokens and finally, we bet on the concept of “1 token that gives you multiple airdrops”, something that is interesting for any retail user in web3.


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    Token price
    0.35714 SUI
  • Quantity
    200,000,000,000,000 COIN
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  • Starts
    Mar 21, 2024, 2:00 PM (UTC)
  • Ends
    Mar 22, 2024, 2:00 PM (UTC)
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